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What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the process by which we can save a webpage to any social bookmarking platform. So the users can visit or we can also revisit it in the future. The social bookmarking platform allows users to access their bookmarks online from any device or at any time. There is the main importance for the bookmarking sites for the marketers because the users can easily add, annotate, and share bookmarked web pages with their team members and other users.

The bookmarks can be private, public, or can be easily shared in specific and multiple groups. The social sites can commonly use as social Search Engines. The users can easily search and browse these sites to see the most popular and recently added bookmarks. If any user likes any webpage then he/she can easily share and comment on that page.

How can We Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Content CurationContent curation is the process of delivering content to the audiences by which they can get knowledge and can share that information with others. A marketer who is working on social media has a duty to curate content to share his knowledge with the audiences. On social bookmarking sites you can share the articles and blogs so the audiences or users can reach you by your information.

1.            Tag Content

On many social bookmarking sites you can easily “tag” content means you can label it. The tags are used as a group. If any person has searched for any content related to your link then your bookmark will show on that page.

1.            For Building Quality Backlinks

Social Bookmarking provides the best quality of backlinks to the websites. These backlinks provide support and help the website to rank high in SERP. Many Social bookmarking sites are famous for providing clicks for the websites by the bookmark posts.

1.            Drive Traffic to the website

Social bookmarking sites help to drive traffic to the website. If any person clicks on the shared link then he/she would directly reach the website by the link. This increases the brand value of the website and results in the ranking of a website.

1.            SEO

Social bookmarking helps in the doing SEO of the website. As we discuss later social bookmarking provides high-quality backlinks and provides link support or juice to the website. The backlinks are indexed and crawled by the search engines and help in the ranking of the website.

Best Social bookmarking sites are available here that are defined below.


Pocket is the best and famous bookmarking site. It allows the users to save articles, stories, videos, by any webpage. It also provides free and paid options.


Digg is a famous bookmarking site that allows users to bookmark science and technology blogs that provide high-quality backlinks to the websites. This is a free bookmarking site.


Pinterest is a famous social media network that works like a social bookmarking site. Here the users can create the board and save content in the form of images. It is a free bookmarking site for sharing images.


On the mix, the user can save their content for later. It is a free social bookmarking site that provides a backlink to the website. User can share their article and other content on them.

Scoop. it

Scoop provides both free and paid bookmarking facilities for the users. If any person wants to publish their content in the form of blogs, articles, or newsletters, then he/she can easily publish on it.


Medium is also the best social bookmarking site that provides a high-quality backlink for the website. Users can use it for publishing their blogs and articles. It is available as both free and paid.

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